Who are we?

We are a collection of hand picked elite right brain thinkers, including Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Illustrators, Branding Specialist,
Website Programmers and SEO Experts

Unlike other creative talent sites every portfolio here is personally reviewed and specially selected. What’s even cooler The Creative Cafe is conceived, designed, programed and even financed by the creatives you are about to hire to create your logo, website, brochure, or other branding/design material.


What is the cafe?

The place to find the most talented creatives around for your next project

Grab a table. Sit back with your virtual latte, and easily thumb through portfolios in seconds. Connect freely (no cover charge or fee of any kind) with just the right person. Once you find the one email your creative guru directly (no middleman). Better yet jot down their phone number then meet over a real coffee.


Submit your portfolio

We like your portfolio like we like our coffee. Extra hot. What creative have you been brewing up?
Submit a collection of your best pieces. If your work is chosen your portfolio and bio will be hosted for free,
and showcased to top companies looking to hire.

All portfolios are personally reviewed by creatives like yourself so there is a one time $10 fee to cover that time and effort. Trust me it’s a lot of work. Just ask my neglected wife. Other than that it’s free. No commissions or fees of any kind. Simply, freedom for all creatives.

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Who says there’s no free lunch (for a limited time the $10 submission fee will be waived)


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